#8  Magnetic Tool Wristband

For the handyman or woman, this unique gift helps your message stick! 

Innovative and functional, this Magentic Tool Wristband provides a helpful third hand. Embedded with super strong magnets for holding screws, drill bits, nuts, bolts and small tools. Ideal for woodworking, home improvement and DIY projects. Adjustable size fits most. Our judges foresee this product as a winner with real estate and insurance companies, and any number of businesses involved in home building.

Delite Promo – Yanlee Trading Co.

Related Features

#3  Scotch Lint Sheets Pocket Pack

High scoring across the board, the judges were drawn to this product for its large full-colour decoration and because it’s a little different.

The Scotch custom printed lint sheets pocket pack includes 40 padded 3" x 4" disposable lint remover sheets. It quickly lifts lint, pet hair and other debris from clothing. In a business setting to keep formal wear at its best, or as an automotive or travel accessory, this small handout promises big impact.

3M Promotional Markets

2019 Top Products: Innovation Rules The Outcome

#7  ASOBU Pourover Insulated Coffee Maker

A premium gift enhanced by impressive packaging to maximize the perceived value. 

From a humble beginning as a Kickstarter campaign, the Asobu Pourover coffee maker combines elegant styling, with functionality and a unique portability feature. For the coffee aficionado who appreciates flavour and quality, the double-wall vacuum insulated carafe carries your specialty brew on the go. Stays hot up to 12 hours.

Asobu by AD N ART

Ready for the Top 9 Apparel Products of 2019?  Let's Do It!

#2  Land & Sea Backpack

A top-scoring product across a number of categories, this dynamic Land & Sea backpack is two bags in one.

A wet bag inside keeps valuables safe from the elements, while the outer mesh bag is a quick access point for accessories or wet items
like a towel. The large imprint area was perceived as a great feature for brand visibility at recreational events all year round.

Towel Specialties

It started in August: an open invitation across North America to submit nominations for branded merchandise and apparel solutions.  Over the next 90 days, more than 125 nominations were recorded.   Of these, less than 50 would make it to the final round table for review in the eighth annual Marketingedge Magazine Top Products contest.

We welcomed eight professional buyers to the product review day.  With scorecard in hand, each judge traveled through the top qualifiers to measure their performance and impact as brand-building assets.  The review panel was a diverse mix, including members of the financial, agricultural, public service, entertainment and marketing sectors.

#4  Cuff Toque with LED Hands-free Light

Reviewed as highly functional and an exciting innovation, this Cuff Toque with LED Hands-free lighting was a favourite of the judging panel.

The rib knit toques can be used for promotion as part of workplace safety and general recreation. Three light settings allow up to eight hours of lighting. The toque can be decorated with embroidery or a brand patch to best fit the intended audience.

AJM International

#5  Taste It™ Aroma Bottle

A product so unique it must be experienced to comprehend, it was a top scorer in the innovative category.

The Taste It water bottle uses the aroma of sweet fruit and a sweetened drink spout to convince your brain you are drinking lightly flavoured water. The Taste It Aroma Bottle has no calories, no carbs and no preservatives. There are no additives to your water but you can try up to four colour coordinated flavours including Mandarin Orange, Berry, Lemon and Peach.

St. Regis Group

#1  Pop-Up COBB Lantern

Learn this  acronym, COB: Chips On Board.  You’re going to see a lot more it.

COB is a new technology of LED lighting with the advantage of saving energy and a very long life span. Unlike light technology that came before it, COB lighting does not draw power when your device is turned off. As result, you have a much-improved chance that the batteries in your lantern or flashlight will be ready when you need them.

This Pop-Up COBB Lantern scored highest in the categories of functionality and value. Easy to use and easily packed, this light can be used in promotion of safety, recreation, exploration and creativity. Features include 200 lumens of bright white light in 360  degrees and a simple pop-up activation, with a slide ability to control brightness.

At a price point under $10 with your one-colour custom brand on the top or the side, the judges believed this product has a versatile future in brand merchandise, as a gift, incentive or recognition reward.


#9  Bluetooth Earbuds with Charger Case

The combined technology and performance of these Bluetooth wireless earbuds and charging case led to high scores in function and decoration with the judges’ panel.

The wireless ear buds sync to most smart devices using Bluetooth technology and provide playback up to 90 minutes. You can reinsert the headphones into their carrying case to recharge in just 120 minutes. The case is your branding area, using the exclusive TruColor method for a brilliant, raised finish in full photo colour.


#10  Bic Motion Adhesive Notepads

Putting a brand story in motion, the judges loved the print innovation that allows these adhesive note pads to be more than a note to go.

Available in 25 or 50 sheets, this 4" x 3" pad is printed in full colour. You can select from a number of stock art themes to animate your
brand message, or create a look unique to your event or campaign. The bottom third of the page is yours to play with. Demo videos
available online.

*Note, since publication this unique promo solution has been reimagined and is not currently listed as an available, in-stock item.  Please ask your solution provider for more information, as Bic Graphic has expressed that this product is still available as a special order.

Bic Graphic

#6  Ponytail Baseball Cap

A simple innovation that had judges wondering, why haven’t we seen this before? 

The AJM Ponytail Baseball Cap was designed in Canada.  This adjustable baseball cap features a panel opening on the back of the cap that allows for longer hair or accessories to comfortably come through the seams. A cotton and polyester blend material provides durable performance, and the mesh back provides breathability.

AJM International