Lisa Wood, Editor

Lisa is the brains behind the print, taking submissions from contributing writers and the Marketingedge team and crafting them into stories worth sharing.

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Joshua Paxton, Contributing Writer
'Digital Workhorse'

Joshua Paxton is a graduate of McMaster University and the Degroote School of Business. He is a multi-award-winning, senior business consultant and second generation distributor of promotional product solutions for Promotional Elements. When not at a computer Josh is a broadcaster with Race Time Radio providing commentary on Canadian stock car racing events.

Josh has a deep passion for the industry and a simple outlook on solution selling: “Selling ad specialties is like playing piano; anyone can do it but, it takes skill and imagination to do it well.”

His area of responsibility varies on the day, but mostly aligns with the Marketingedge Magazine digital presence including social media, and composing shareable thoughts for each issue.

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Our mission statement is to showcase promotional products as a valid member of the marketing mix, providing helpful education against a backdrop of fashion inspired presentation.

I hate the term "trinkets and trash"

Always have.  As an industry professional who has spent multiple decades providing companies of all sizes with custom branded solutions my passion for our industry runs deep.  Many years ago that slang was used as I entered a meeting and I knew it was time to make a change.  Marketingedge was born from a desire to position ad specialties in a new light, taking inspiration from high fashion and other industry publications, to showcase how promotional products and apparel can have greater purpose and more creative design.  We strive to present topics and features that inspire suppliers, distributors and buyers to re-think the way they choose and decorate their products.  - Steve Whigham

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Greg Fess, Photographer
'The Lens'

Greg Fess is a professional photographer located in Waterloo, Ontario. His career has spanned over three decades, specializing in commercial photography for the likes of Samsonite, Sun Life Financial, Home Hardware and Dalsa.

Greg has been the most frequent contributing camera man to the Edge Gallery features and can be credited with the artistic approach to many of our favourite themes.

Greg Fess Photography

Audra Noble, Art Director
'The Architect'

Audra Noble has spent over 20 years in the graphic design field. She loves a creative challenge and the variety of clients and industries that each project provides.  Creativity is woven through each thread of her life. Audra uses her gifts and talents to make a positive impact on those around her as a business owner, community volunteer, and mom. Graphic design is a vehicle to connect with new people and organizations that inspire her in business and life.

With each issue of Marketingedge Magazine Audra has the responsibility of bringing all the pieces together and crafting a masterpiece.  And she does.  Every time.

Kiersty Kelly, General Manager

'The Executioner'

Kiersty Kelly has tackled many different roles in the promotional industry, including customer service, administrative assistant, and accounting. She joined the Marketingedge team in 2013 with the whimsical title ‘The Executioner’, to ensure that various tasks are managed and ideas get carried out (so long as they are good ones!) and to provide support to other team members.

For inquires about Marketingedge Top Products competition, new subscription opportunities, and general feedback about the magazine we would best direct you to Lady KK.

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Steve Whigham, Publisher
'The Creator'

Steve Whigham has been a distributor of promotional products since his early days of university when presenting unique decorated solutions to student clubs and local businesses put food on his table.

Marketingedge Magazine was born from a desire to share his passion for creative marketing solutions that employ branded merchandise and apparel.  In 2018 he and Marketingedge Magazine celebrated a 10 year anniversary of presenting promotional products in a brighter light, showcasing that this is not a billion dollar industry built on trinkets and trash.

Read the Letter from the Publisher, from May 2018, for more on Steve's vision 

If you have feedback to share or are interested to learn how you can become an advertising partner in Marketingedge Magazine, or just to brainstorm creative ideas, Steve is your guy.

It takes a village...