As the time of year approaches when the sky darkens and snow falls, there can be a tendency to turn on hibernation mode. We’re tempted to shut in and shut down during the long wait for spring.

In this feature we want to inspire you to get out this season and enjoy it in comfort. It doesn’t have to be all about ski hills and snow trails. Discover new ways to express a warm message to your audience and inspire a little coziness wherever you work or play this winter.

There are a lot of reasons to sport your colours this season.

Football, hockey, basketball and soccer are just some of the sports that have brilliant team logos that can be showcased by the custom knit collection offered by DML Creation and Cap America.

Made in the United States, Cap America will custom knit your accessories in up to four yarn colours to create a collection of
toques, scarves and headbands that can be ordered in quantities
as low as 24 units.

These custom knits will keep your audience warm and give them lots of reasons to cheer.  Also consider outfitting your organization with winter wear for the holidays and local events like a parade. You can give them
away or offer a unique collection to sell for fundraising.

DML Creation and Cap America are standing by to help you stand out!

An Edge Gallery dedicated to making the most of the colder season.

When you gift a Kanata blanket, it feels as comforting as a fireside

On trend for the season, the Cable Knit Lambswool Throw mixes the classic comfort of luxurious and soft faux lambswool with the modern fashion of chunky chenille sweaters.

Blankets, unlike sweaters, have the advantage of being one size fits all.
You can enhance your presentation with one of the elegant decorations
available, like a laser patch for a more fashionable branding experience, and complete your gift with unique packaging like an antique wooden suitcase or snap together keepsake box.

Personalized packaging is a great way to increase perceived value and response.

Kanata Blankets helps you wrap your brand around your consumers.

When layering up for the season there’s no place like Technosport Canada to find all that you need.

Get started with a base layer, like our model, Shannon. She is warm in
a cozy combed cotton Anvil long-sleeve T-shirt

Steven is getting a little more warmth from a classic styled flannel shirt from Burnside. On trend for the season and for Canada, the lumberjack look features functional roll-up sleeves and two button-flap pockets on the chest.

Steven is so warm that he has heat to share, and lends his Oakley
Thermofill Ellipse
bomber jacket to Shannon. The Ellipse is a slim-fit puffy coat, for more style and less marshmallow. It’s a combination of comfort with an ultra-soft interior and water-repellent performance outer layer.

Technosport has your needs covered this season with a wide range
of layers and brands.

The Chesswood collection of glass barware easily finds a home in any décor.... Exclusive to the St Regis Group in Canada

As Shannon and Steven toast to the season, you can’t help but admire the smooth stem angles of their glass and the soft, tapered square that
gracefully holds a tulip bowl.

The thick stem and wide-open bowl are specially designed to keep your beverage at room temperature longer, giving you the opportunity to savour the moment and the flavours of your favourite vintage.

This wine glass style is part of a greater collection and is available in two sizes, 8.5 or 10.5 ounces, offering you tremendous opportunity to customize your gifting while maintaining a consistency for your brand message.  Sets are available in your choice of two or four pieces, packaged in a black Vanguard gift box.

The St Regis Group provides a different class of gifts and awards.

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