Designer Bandanas, stay top of mind with wraps, buffs, Tuber'z and headbands 
from the pet accessories collection, from Martini-Vispak

Our model, Ted, is a cancer survivor and shared with us that he was very grateful to be able to use medicinal marijuana to help him cope with pain, insomnia and nausea related to his cancer and chemotherapy treatment.

Proposed promotion guidelines will restrict corporate cannabis companies from sharing anecdotal evidence with consumers. Support groups and special interests will likely fly the leaf with pride to raise awareness and share their stories. Unique merchandise like Tuber’z—multi-functional headwear shown here as a bandana— is an example of how traditional merchandise can be custom decorated in full photo colour to capture any campaign imagery.

Tuber’z can be worn up to 12 different ways, including as a scarf, hair tie, wristband or tube top. A versatile fashion fabric that offers UV protection,moisture wicking and is fast drying. Reach a large group with a unique, personalized solution.

Hemp Paper Products, specialty paper materials and custom creations 
from the custom print collection, from J&J Manufacturing (Jay-Line)

Jayline offers a truly organic look and feel with their Hemp paper products, a sustainable and impactful paper alternative. Hemp is
highly resilient and grows without the application of harmful pesticides. Industrial hemp has a naturally elegant appearance while boasting
an environmentally conscious choice, containing 75 per cent post-consumer material and 25 per cent hemp fibre.

Custom print decoration can be used to digitally decorate your products to meet your branding needs, but that’s not all! Custom creations also can include custom die-cut creations to shape your message.  If hemp doesn’t fit your theme, consider alternative designer options including
handcrafted paper and stone paper.

Writing and desktop products include notebooks, work books, journals, rulers, business cards, invitations, post cards and hang tags.  

The Grill Paddle a sustainable product made in Canada

Classic hallmarks of the 1960’s tend to permeate our perception of the all-natural lifestyle, a demographic commonly associated with cannabis consumption.  Cannabis is just one of the ingredients grown in the garden of natural living for spiritual and medicinal use.

Preferring organics over synthetics is a healthy living choice and is an important consideration if considering reaching this consumer base.  Products that are sustainable, socially and environmentally conscious and do not require treatment or decoration involving chemical process are likely to be a best-fit.

The wireless grill paddle made from Canadian Cedar in Canada can be decorated by engraving to promote any message while still providing
a natural and safe cooking and cleaning solution.

Photo-Printed Mats, custom sized for different applications
from the dye-sublimated custom collection, from Martini-Vispak

To keep those special cookie crumbs off your floor consider a custom Pet Mat. Another colourful creative solution, this durable mat has a heavy duty natural rubber backing and a photo printed polyester top. These mats absorb moisture and are easily washable.

Photo printed mats use dye sublimation to recreate your digital design with vibrant colours on a cloth top.  Available in different sizes for different needs, including counter mats, door mats and gardening mats.

Featuring creative promotional product solutions from:  Canada Sportswear, Martini-Vispak, Jay-Line, The Grill Paddle

EDGE GALLERY: Can You Spot the Cannabis Consumer?

While general opinion of who will line up for recreational cannabis is typically narrowed to downcast views of hippies seeking a high, the actual demographics are much wider.  Over 250,000 Canadians are currently registered to receive marijuana for medicinal treatment, including cancer patients, those facing chronic pain and those  with an anxiety disorder.

Recent studies involving cannabis oil are researching an application to battle epilepsy in children. Applications for the CBD compound from cannabis extend to animal care, providing pets with a non-prescription relief alternative.

as featured in the August 2018 issue

click the cover image to download the digital copy (PDF)

Pet Bandanas, cause marketing with legs and without knots
from the pet accessories collection, from Martini-Vispak

Four-legged furry friends are great partners to walk through life with. They too can take part in your fundraising campaign or brand promotion with a new accessory designed for their comfort.  Dog bandanas are crafted from microcell polyester for lightweight comfort and decorated using dye sublimation, providing you the opportunity to create your own brilliant, full photo colour fashion print.

Available in three sizes to fit most breeds, simply slip the collar through the available gusset for a bandana look without the knot!

The Liberty T-Shirt with Feather Touch™ decoration
from the Muskoka Trails Collection, available from Canada Sportswear

In our industry survey, the number one product associated with promotional messages for corporate cannabis was the T-shirt. The functional billboard that has long been a staple in the arsenal of recreational substance promotion, a T-shirt can promote a brand and an implied endorsement by the wearer.  

Our model, Jess, has chronic Lyme disease and fibromyalgia and has used medicinal marijuana for years to help with a variety of otherwise debilitating symptoms including pain, sleep disturbances, irritability, nausea, anxiety, depression and many more.

Jess loved this T-shirt, not just for its Ask Questions print, but for its overall comfort.  The best way to get someone to wear a garment is to make it comfortable and that’s what the Feather Touch collection offers.

Available in a T-shirt or sport polo, the blended fabric is soft and breathable and available up to 4XL. The unique print decoration provides a finish that is so soft, it is nearly indistinguishable from the fabric.