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Now available with vegetable seeds for your home or office garden, seeded paper products are a natural fit for your eco-alternative marketing plans.  Consider any paper products in your marketing mix that could be replaced with seed paper, to grow your business and make the world little more beautiful.  More product ideas available online.  Custom products available too.

Seed Paper products by Jay-Line

Ready for the Top 10 Promo Products of 2019?  Let's Do It!

Inspired by the conversations shared with our contributors from the agriculture industry, this EDGE Gallery highlights a collection of products ready to go to market.  Find out how green thinking can be part of your business growth plans and how you can contribute to global efforts for sustainable solutions.


This summer the makers of the award winning Grill Paddle introduced another innovation using 100% plant based materials.  
As single-use plastics prepare for extinction the time is ripe for a sustainable replacement. Plant based products are compostable, returning to the earth to be reborn for new purpose.

These wooden utensils are crafted from smooth FSC-Certified birchwood. Ideal for personal use, camping, outdoor events, food trucks and all sorts of active lifestyle adventures.  USDA and CFIA approval means peace of mind in the natural transition from their plastic single-use counterparts.

They are available in several kit sizes with branding available on the packaging and the handles. Additional offers available for high-volume projects.

Logoworks Inc. / The Grill Paddle


Say so long to single-use plastic bags when you embrace the reusable sandwich bag. Measuring 7” inches in length and width, this cotton
creation features a PEVA lining that can be easily washed and reused daily with large brand exposure in one colour or vibrant colour print.

EDGE Gallery: Going to Market


Reduce your environmental impact by switching to reusable packaging for your produce pickups. Whether at the market or the super store, this 13” x 15” mirco-mesh drawstring bag is a perfect companion for fruits and vegetables. Holds up to 22 lbs and is designed to
keep your contents visible for security and checkout, and your brand noticeable.


​Competition drives performance. Whether measured by goals and points, or by size, quality and volume, the invitation to the
podium is an exclusive moment of recognition.

Faro Products specializes in providing custom solutions to capture the moment and build brand awareness and loyalty through co-branding with memorable achievements. Medallions are a traditional icon of excellence that can be reimagined to fit unique branding
needs. Consider custom shapes or applying a wide variety of decoration techniques for added dimensions of advertising.

Off the podium, additional accessories such as lapel pins, keychains or desktop keepsakes can be tailored to offer thanks to participants and sponsors.

FARO Products