Buckets are Back

The Bucket Hat.  A full-around brim on a typically cotton, flexible hat. Usually associated with fishing or other outdoor recreational activities.

It’s been two decades since we last loved this look, and expect to see a bright comeback in 2019.  At retail, these caps will be found in a selection of neon or other bold colours.

AJM International is offering four styles, including the button-up Bush style and my favourite—the bold orange Deluxe Bucket.

If bold colours aren’t for you, an alternative solution is to pick a neutral hat colour such as washed taupe and decorate it using a bright, bold coloured representation of your brand.

It's a Man's Bag

20 years ago the show Friends introduced its audience to the polarizing idea of a men’s handbag, and in 2019 it is expected to become more of the norm. Practical in its organization, this accessory doesn’t have to be confused with a purse.

Rugged outdoor performance brand Stormtech introduced the Aquarius Waterproof Tote, a handbag designed to store your belongings in waterproof fabric. Protection from the elements and accidents in your daily commute will save important documents and electronic lifelines. The neon colour Blaze Yellow is a fashion-forward option for the avant-garde trendsetter, but the bag is also available in basic black. Hot Tip - at time of publication, this bag is nearly sold out!

For a sporty alternative you can turn to the OAKLEY Street Messenger, or for a look of sophistication and corporate style look to the  BUGATTI Briefcase Sartortia available in top grain leather in cognac or black, complete with a built-in organizer.

Get Into Trenches

Timeless style with popularity dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, this long length overcoat is a classic look for both men
and women. Providing protection from wind and rain while maintaining a comfortable warmth, this style offers performance and professional appeal. I love the look of the Sullivan Harbor Trench by Devon & Jones in simple black with button accents.

For an added style marker pair a wide belt with the ladies’ coat and better accent your hips, complementing the princess seams. Subtle branding in embroidery on the left chest or bicep would be most corporate, especially in a tonal colour thread.

You are your own paparazzi.

In a time of selfies and social media sharing we are snapping and sharing more images of our lives than ever before. The collective of these posts creates your brand image, as an individual and for the company or organization you represent.

Your fashion mix is an expression of style and presence. Dress for success. Dress for the job or client you want, not the one you have. These cliché expressions hold true and represent the impact your appearance will have on your audience.

Continue the conversation: Share your favourite style looks highlighting corporate fashion choices using the hashtag #OOTD

Need a selfie stick?  Limited quantiy available now, under $5.00 - Cheer Selfie Stick by Spector and Co.

When you search online for the images of your brand ambassadors, what do you find?

Fashion is a form of  communication. It is an art  medium not unlike music or film. There are genres and tones, archetypes
of messaging, and ever changing trends that cycle and mix, making what’s old new again.

To dress for success is to understand the audience you want to attract. What does your style express about your brand?

Turning to the runways for the latest avant-garde style trends, I am confident predicting that styling biker shorts with an
oversized blazer
or surf-inspired wetsuit will not make most corporate outfitter catalogues in 2019. However, taking bits
and pieces of what is hot on the runways of Paris and Milan and incorporating these aspects into your style plans can be key to
presenting yourself as forward thinking, on trend and current.

Get The Look: Chic Catwalks To Corporate Hallways

a feature written by Emmeleane, Fashion Correspondent

When designing your look for 2019 consider these easily achievable additions that put you on trend, along with decoration tips to get your brand featured in a fashionable way.

Too Hot To Hibernate

A padded or 'puffy' coat offers all of the warm insulation you need for the frigid season but, paired with bright hues and/or a touch of faux fur, they also serve as a stylish winter piece.

The Vermilion Jacket from KLo Canada is the perfect fit for this style marker. Available in both Women's and Men's shape styles, this warm lightweight jacket with custom colour options can get you the bright, bold looks off of the runway while also tying in the faux fur trend. A flattering look with a tighter fit, would you believe this jacket is rated for comfort even at -30 degrees Celsius?

For a more fashion inspired branding location, go off the chest to the lower hip, back-right shoulder or bicep.  A simple left chest embroidery makes this jacket an official looking corporate uniform.

The Dad's Got Style

The Dad Hat.  Simple canvas or cotton caps that also have a slightly curved brim, commonly decorated with a small embroidered logo.
They first found their niche with middle-aged men but have picked up attention from both sides of the age bracket and some women.

Trimark Sportswear offers the unisex Incite Chino Twill Ballcap that would work perfectly for this trend. I would recommend tone-on-tone
branding with a smaller than average embroidered logo. The subtlety of the branding will make it more appealing. Another favourite is the Verve Vintage Twill ballcap for its classic styling and traditional metal buckle closure.

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