A Competitive Edge

Fast forward to the present and you’ll find Brian continues to look for new ways to help his clients improve.

While his athletic ability was never tested at the professional level, Brian has kept up his passion for fitness and performance. He and his wife Cynthia are both avid endurance-based athletes, competing in many marathon and Ironman events. As competitive athletes
they are intimately familiar with the rigors of heavy training.

“Sometimes, when I’m training heavily, it’s not unusual for me to need to consume five or six thousand calories per day.”

Brian explains, the challenge for the athlete is that heavy training doesn’t create a heavy appetite. It was Cynthia who first started to
research and experiment with various spices, desiring to make food more palatable while also maintaining a healthy mix. The discovery of the variety of micronutrients available in different spices that affect the body in different ways was exciting.

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Teaching Brand Story Telling

For the better part of the past 10 years the Scotts have been enjoying this culinary quest, discovering folklore behind spices and determining their impact on their own lifestyle and sport performance. It was this shared passion that drove them to refocus their careers and together, pursue a new dream. Brian’s experience in corporate solutions paired with Cynthia’s knowledge and flare for spice creations gave way to Le Tour de Spice.

In a marketplace where the theme of health and wellness has been on an upward trend, Le Tour de Spice is already making a bold
impact in sales presentations.

“We’re helping customers to share their story through spice.  Our product packaging lends a great opportunity to go beyond simply adding a logo to the product.”

Packaged in food grade plastic tubes with twist-to-seal metal lids, the test tube design lends an exciting air of science and creation.
While some readers may recognize a spice like turmeric for its recent media coverage, there are several other exotic spices available that you won’t easily find at your local grocer. Each carries a unique story about its origin and impact.

“Our partnership is about finding the right mix or flavour to communicate the story of the brand. We recently had a company that wanted to promote high energy, and we were able to pair them with a spice called aji panca, used commonly in Peruvian cuisine and known for improving energy levels. Another example is an opportunity to work with casinos on a promotion where we could offer a number of spices whose origin and folklore tell stories of bringing good luck.”

WHAT'S YOUR SPICE?  Discover the stories, lore and origin of some of Brian and Cynthia's favourite spices - and find out which is a best fit for your brand story!

Brian Scott never went to college and instead grew a business to over $8 million dollars in annual revenue, while helping a number of much larger corporations grow their bottom lines too.

Despite scholarship offers earned from his athletic performance in high school, he knew he would need to work at least a year before his family could see him off to a post-secondary institution. He found his post-secondary education in the lobbies,  boardrooms and offices of local businesses, where his “questions first approach” was soon refined.

“Not having a formal education, out selling, out talking to people my senior…it forced me to ask a lot of questions. That allowed me to understand their business, what they were all about, and then position our solution accordingly.”

The First Niche

After a couple of years providing branded business merchandise, Brian recognized an opportunity to better distinguish himself from his competition. He saw a need for a specialist, particularly in the world of health and safety. Realigning his product mix and presentation, he sought out contacts in health and safety to open conversations about solutions to improve workplace safety performance.

After conversations with managers at several companies, Brian saw employee incentive programs could be improved. He began to develop a solution that would not only motivate employees to work safely but also raise their level of knowledge on safe work practices.
This was at a time when fax machines were considered new and exciting. It was the early days of analytics and data sharing. 

Questionnaires were completed by pen or pencil and collected for review. Soon the desktop computer would rise to commonplace
and so once again Brian moved the program forward, introducing electronic education tools.

We were able to utilize technology to capture an understanding of what an employee knew or needed to learn by using pop-up questions. When they logged on to start the day the program might ask a health and safety or sales practices question, whatever the current campaign might be. Correct answers earned points towards great merchandise that we provided. Their collective answers provided our client with feedback on areas where employees might need more help to improve.”

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Experiential Marketing with Health Benefits

The Tour de Spice product mix includes claims of impacting energy levels, cardiovascular health, cognitive processes, anti-inflammation and even eye health.

Cynthia has shared her favourite recipes online to help welcome new users of exotic spices and provide gentle guidance to experiencing the world through spice.  As a healthy alternative to the salty and sweet snacks commonly offered at events, Le Tour de Spice is bringing a different flavour to promotional products.

Businesses, organizations and events have a unique opportunity to highlight their points of differentiation through a shared consumer experience that crosses all demographics. We all have to eat.