“My Timex from the Fairfield collection is a black dial, gold bezel and leather strap. Very classic, and it includes the Indiglo. It’s very handy. I used it just the other day to check the time during a movie. A lot less intrusive than opening your smartphone in a theatre.”

With the current trend of activity trackers on wrists, Edwards shares that Timex was at the forefront and has a new solution ready for this season.

“Our Timex activity trackers were out in the market in 2016. Timex realized the white space in the market. This summer we introduced the Connect into our corporate assortment and at a price point of $139 the early feedback is that this is going to be the hottest ticket for the gifting season. You can count steps, track rest, check heart rate, answer calls, receive emails, send texts and more. Our 2.0 model launching fall 2019) lets you connect with other users. As a corporate item, we are seeing a lot of interest in applying this item to teams participating in health and wellness programs, especially workplace competitions like Biggest Loser.”

With solutions of all sorts, I asked Edwards if she finds the sight of a naked wrist offensive. Laughing she responds, “Not at all. I just choose to believe they’ve forgot their Timex at home.”

Hear Michelle's stories in her own voice, in the #BeyondThePrint podcast.  Michelle talked with JP to share more about her experience marketing time, building relationships with clients and exciting innovations that keep time pieces relevant as fashion and lifestyle accessories.  Listen Now

a feature written by 'JP' Joshua Paxton, staff writer

Michelle Edwards is a personality in the corporate incentives world not easily forgotten. Her charismatic presentations are filled with passion for her product and an expertise in delivering customer value through engaging solutions.

Master of Time - Beyond the Print Podcast, Marketingedge Magazine

Accepting an interview call on a Friday lunch hour, the newly christened manager of special markets for Timex Group kicked back in her chair with a laugh and took the opportunity to catch her breath between meetings.

Michelle Edwards is a personality in the corporate incentives world not easily forgotten. Her charismatic presentations are filled with passion for her product and an expertise in delivering customer value through engaging solutions.

While her travel time is reduced from her earlier days of account management, now overseeing a team of regional brand representatives across Canada, Edwards industry experience working with a variety of corporate programs keeps her time in
high demand.

Master of Time: in conversation with Michelle Edwards

“It’s different this second time around. I have an incredible brand family with Timex Group. We have entry level pieces at $50, and then grow to client needs with elite brands like Ted Baker, Kenneth Cole and luxury brands like Versace, Versus by Versace and Salvatore Ferragamo. My portfolio has something for every market segment.”

Discussing the application of timepieces in promotions, Edwards shares her experience and excitement for the next generation.

“Gifting timepieces has been a classic method to mark events and it’s not going away. Every gift has a story. In today’s market, what excites me is the opportunity to craft a timepiece decoration to suit the moment. Specialty brands like Ironman are a great fit for an active person, and cobranding with any of our retail brands really increases the perceived value.”

The selection of a watch is reflective of personal style as much as corporate appeal. Edwards shares her excitement for the Timex Group brand experience opportunity.

“We love corporate events. As a partner to golf tournaments, for example, we can provide a mix of watch brands and styles at a similar
price point and provide participants the opportunity to select their gift. It’s a very VIP experience, and a lot like bringing a jewelry store to your event. It definitely adds sparkle to the day.”

“We love corporate events... It’s a very VIP experience, and a lot like bringing a jewelry store to your event. It definitely adds sparkle to the day.”

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Her start in the industry began with golf balls, representing the Spalding sports brand more than 20 years previous.

Head-hunted for her ability to connect with customers, she was drafted into the world of Bulova and soon developed her skill for pairing timepieces with people.

Edwards spent close to a decade cultivating business relationships and dressing the wrists of tens of thousands of Canadians with embellished time pieces from brands like Bulova, Wittnauer, Caravelle, and Harley Davidson.

In 2018, with the opportunity for a fresh start, she accepted the challenge to do it all again.

​Shares Edwards,