Trinkets:  The added value of a tourism tie-in
featuring custom Digi-Print creations from Faro Products

To really achieve a lasting impression, and stay out of the drawer that collects random pens and lanyards, turn to the retail world for inspiration and ask yourself what small items are your customers paying for and why.  A key tag in your brand’s image may be a great companion to the company car,but it’s not as likely to end up on the keychain of your consumer unless you’ve reached pop culture status that compares to Coca-Cola, Apple or the Kardashians. 

To latch on to the lifestyle of your target, consider their motivations. Nostalgia, tourism and humour are great decoration themes that can reach many demographics. At an event that you know has drawn an audience from around the country—or the world—consider tying your brand to an image or feature of the host city or country, or something that best represents your home. An exchange of culture can be a meaningful keepsake, a reminder of your interaction, and even a reason for a follow-up call or gesture.

Faro Products offers a variety of product options to match to your audience and message.  Novelty designs include military inspired dog tags that can be used in a theme of membership and identification.  Small accessories like the popular can and bottle opener provide a functional purpose that warrants an immediate addition to any key collection.

Faro’s design team can help add depth to your concept by using a 3-D layering technique that creates a unique look and feel compared to traditional print methods. How do you co-brand with tourism?  Consider decorating one side of a keychain with your brand and the opposite side with the host city to help generate memories of the event.

Uniforms:  Dressing for the audience you want to attract
featuring the Eagle Polo and custom Sublimated  Softshell Jacket from Canada Sportswear

Your team on the floor are your best brand ambassadors and often the first experience potential consumers will have with your brand at the event. When dressing for the customers you want, make sure to appeal to their interests, even if it means leaning away from your own brand.

Button-down shirts present a formal atmosphere, enhanced by sport coats and ties. For a more approachable, relaxed identification, consider collared T-shirts under a full-zip layering piece. Decorated to fit your branding theme, this combination provides your team the opportunity to be more comfortable and relaxed on the floor, with options
that adapt to the climate. Custom design makes sure you stand out and gives you the freedom to create a retail-inspired look that your team will be proud to wear as part of their daily routine.

The Eagle Performance Polo is available for under $20 in a number of corporate colours. Offering a solid colour base with conservative styling in men’s and ladies’ sizes (up to 4XL), it is a great addition to a core uniform piece that can bedecorated any number of ways to appeal to your trade show guests.

Combine your base layer with a full-zip, midweight jacket. This bonded fleece softshell is a three-season jacket—all you need from spring through fall—and a great cover-up for cold air conditioning in the summer. The example shown illustrates dye sublimation decoration, a customization technique that allows you to design the complete look for your teamwear, making every panel your canvas. Dye sublimation lets you replicate the most intense and intricate graphic artwork in full photo colour.  A two-piece, layered uniform can create a dynamic look that will give your team comfort, intrigue and recognition as a stand-out in your trade show aisle.

Tools:  How helpful tools can make your message stick
featuring custom adhesive Sticky Notes  and Suave Stylus Pen from Bic Graphic

What separates a tool from a trinket is its commonplace functionality. Electronics and desktop items are more tools than trinkets because they can serve a purpose, and in doing so are more likely to gain visibility and familiarity through regular use.  When considering a functional gift, really consider the audience you want to attract; their needs and lifestyle
may differ from those of your team.

Speaking with some trade show veterans, we were given the example of giving away desktop electronics at the farm show (not a best fit for potential buyers who do not spend the majority of their day at a desk).  If you know your audience then you’re in the best position to consider their likes, and where your business reminder is a best fit.

We loved the example of a plumber who gives away plungers. If you’re using that gift then it’s the best time to recall that contact.

A combination pen and sticky note pad gives you more than just two gifts to share. A sticky note pad is a hand-size billboard, printable in full photo colour to best feature your product or service in sharp imagery, and is most effective when you can apply it to another piece of your marketing materials. Get your audience to take down a note, such as your order or service hotline.

For a writing tool, consider what best suits your market. Stylus tips are a great feature for those with mart devices, while large barreled metalics may prove to be a more comfortable fit for a more traditional audience. Combine both products with the trusted Bic brand for a higher perceived value and the promise of quality.

Tools:  How helpful tools cast your brand in the right light
featuring the LED Stripe flashlight  and Screwdriver Set Pen from Simplex Promo

On their own or as a set, mini flashlights and multi-tools are a gift worth keeping making them an ideal giveaway item at your booth.  This mini LED Stripe flashlight from Simplex features nine bright white LED bulbs for a big shine, with a convenient rear button activation switch.

Flashlights can appeal to messages of safety as well as recreational activities, using them as a tool for outdoors exploration or as a visibility enhancement.

Likewise, the Screwdriver Set Pen from Simplex has a handy application in a world of electronic  accessories, eyewear and small appliances.  The tool features a magnetic tip with eight interchangeable bits to fit a number of fasteners. Whether at home, in the car or in the office, it’s a helpful accessory to have nearby.

Edge Gallery: Tradeshow Trends You Should Consider

When you invest in an event, it’s not just the cost of the booth space that you’re committing to. A lot of resources go into making a successful trade show outing, including the planning of your booth display, the materials you’ll share and the costs of travel and accommodation if you’re headed out of town. So why are the customer lures too often left to the last minute?

In recent years suppliers of branded ad specialties have up'd their investment in technology and production to better serve the rush market, making hundreds of products available for delivery
in less than three days. But why the rush?

Premiums:  How you can achieve more with less
featuring Taste It Aroma water bottles from St Regis Group

In a battle of quantity versus quality, the argument can be made that a budget is better invested in a smaller number of premium gifts to better recognize quality business building.

A good premium gift should have much higher perceived value than its trinket competition. Often a brand name is a good way to co-brand your thanks with quality, and a marketed
lifestyle position like vitality, glamour or excitement.

Another great attraction is a product with a unique feature, possibly customized to fit a purpose involved with your service or product. Premiums can be used as gift-with-purchase,
draw prizes, registration awards and as special thanks for an engaging conversation. They offer an elite status and experience to the recipient.

A natural fit if you're promoting a message or brand with a focus on wellness or vitality, the new TASTEit™ brandable drinkware flavours your plain water with the power of aroma. The aromatic spill-proof lids are infused with natural fruit flavours combined with a sweet tip straw that together create the sensation of sweet, lightly fruit flavoured taste as you sip.  Colours coordinate with flavours, giving you lots of reasons to entice your consumers to collect them all!

Featuring creative promotional product solutions from:  Canada Sportswear, Bic Graphic, St Regis Group (ESP), Simplex Promo, Faro Products, Martini-Vispak

Whether it’s due to budget concerns or time management issues, the branded assets that your potential consumers will take away as the memory of their engagement with your company are treated as a last-minute, obligatory part of the trade show experience. 

It’s time to reconsider their priority.

as featured in the August 2018 issue

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By taking the time to incorporate your consumer lure into your overall presentation, you can give more consideration to the reaction to, and experience of, receiving your gift rather
than the speed of its production. Your product information is about you. Your consumer incentive should be about them.