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The Gateway
to Gifting Season

SEPTEMBER 2023 EDITION |  Gift industry experts offer their top tips on HOW TO BUILD A BETTER BRANDED GIFT BASKET  |  Fall fashions come in many layers and styles with lots of opportunity to offer choices. Learn WHAT EMPLOYEES LOVE ABOUT THEIR COMPANY'S UNIFORM PROGRAM and favourite apparel for the season.  |   The NEW RELEASES feature reveals a sneak peek at new products launched this fall  |  HAVE YOU EVER considered if September is the real start of the new year? We did.  

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Promotional Products

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JUNE 2023 EDITION |  Engage your customers and prospects with multi-sensory brand experiences!  Discover how promotional products are winning the BATTLE OF THE SENSES by delivering engaging messages with more than visual and audio stimulation. Does you brand have a signature smell?  |  In a climate that frowns on competition, are awards worth celebrating? Industry insider Melanie Langille says - Absolutely! - and shares the answer to WHO'S WINNING? in a golden age of awards.  |  How has the uniform industry changed?  We get 30 THOUGHTS from Ralph Goldfinger (Canada Sportswear) on being a Canadian apparel manufacturer and what are the top trends in uniform programs today.  |  No shoes. No shirt. No naked robots. You'll have to read this month's HAVE YOU EVER feature to this connects with our story.

#promotionalproducts #brandedapparel  #awards  #engagement  #uniforms 

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APRIL 2023 EDITION | Get REAL this summer! We're talking live, in-person brand engaging strategies for Golf, Workshops, Fundraising, with best promotional items. Take a look at the GREAT GOLF RENAISSANCE and how events evolved to modernize their offering and grow participation. Your SUMMER FASHION preview of branded apparel includes golf brands like PUMA and LEVELWEAR, highlighting the bright, bold patterns and prints attracting attention. If you need reasons to connect with car lovers we can offer you 26 Million! Hear from car care experts about the AUTO MOTIVES that have them moving into brick and mortar store fronts. #promotionalproducts #brandedapparel  #promotionalitems #promoproductswork

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and Sustainability

Eco Set

JUNE 2022 EDITION | Sustainability and environmental responsibility is the hottest topic in business. How can your organization's promotional product choices have a more positive eco-impact? How eco-minded is your decision making? Is sustainability and environmental conservation part of your brand values? What are the top eco-friendly and eco-alternative product ideas? How can we work together to keep water clean and reduce waste? We have your answers. Get better results from your imprinted merchandise and uniforms. Drive consumer engagement. Recognize top talents and contributors.

#ecoproducts  #greenstory  #sustainability  #promotionalproducts  #brandengagement  

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Promotion Marketing
Top Products

FEBRUARY 2023 EDITION | marketingedge magazine reveals the results of the 12th annual Top Products Contest, showcasing the Buyer's Choice best promotional products, corporate apparel and creative packaging solutions. Featured videos provide interviews, demonstrations and testimonials. PLUS Alex Morin shares strategies on how to plan ahead and navigate any recession.  #topproducts #promotionmarketing #strategy #promotionalproducts 


Self-Care Issue


MAY 2019 EDITION |  marketingedge magazine takes a look at promoting mindfullness and good mental health in this special edition. Features include 'When It's Silent, It's Time to Listen,' a conversation with promotional products agent Michael Hecktus of Jump Group. Discover Le Tour de Spice with Brian Scott, an incredible story of a husband and wife pursuing their passion and sharing their creativity and knowledge to create delicious new promotion marketing solutions. We shine the spotlight on the Sound of Music Festival, and how merchandise is used to raise funds and awareness for Canada's largest outdoor free music festival.

#selfcare  #promotionalproducts  #mentalhealth #mindfullness  #positivevibes  #support  

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Brand Types
and Gifting Tips

Winter Sport

NOVEMBER 2022 EDITION |  Multicultural gifting ideas to help you land the most impactful gift to express your gratitude and brand culture; Seasonal fashion trends add sleeves to favourite styles that transition with your environment for more brand impressions; Top takeaways from PPPC National Convention (NATCON), and promotional products that continue to draw a crowd as exciting new ideas even years after their introduction. Get better results from your imprinted merchandise and uniforms. Drive consumer engagement. Recognize top talents and contributors.

#promoproductswork  #corporrategifts  #gifting  #brandedapparel  #merchandise  


Music Edition


AUGUST 2021  SPECIAL EDITION |  marketingedge magazine gets excited about the return of LIVE MUSIC and other performances and gets advice from industry professionals - in music and promotions - about how to build the brand of a band, performer and festival events with promotional merchandise and branded apparel.  Featuring Canadian musical talents Mya Gomez, Steven Ryan, AtotheT, and more! How to execute the perfect concert or promotional event - Creating Merchandise to Rock Your Brand! - New products, drinkware, technology, apparel - Our most engaging and interactive issue EVER! Videos, Music, and more!

#brandyourband  #musicrocks  #brandsthatrock  #getloud  #promotionalproducts  #merchandise  

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New Gift Box
Supports Local

Man in Farm

AUGUST 2022 EDITION |  Discover how you can improve your talent recruitment and retention by re-evaluating your employee value proposition, and by engaging a marketer to create employee focused, corporate culture solutions.; EDGE Gallery showcases promotional products inspired by travel needs, great for connecting your brand with exciting experiences; Discover the great Canadians behind truLOCAL. entering the promotions and incentives industry with a new direct mail gift box that connects consumers to the source of their food, and supports local farms and businesses across Canada. Get better results from your imprinted merchandise and uniforms. Drive consumer engagement. Recognize top talents and contributors. #promoproductswork  #giftbox  #corporategifts  #shoplocal  #buylocal  #supportlocal  #madeinCanada  #travel  #tourism  

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Stay Positive
Brand Messaging

Golf Players

APRIL 2022 EDITION | Get inspired by young entrepreneur Sam Kelly, sharing Positive Vibes with his high school peers using branded apparel and merchandise; Learn the language of branding and improve your messaging; Improve your event score with Top Golf Goodies; Discover the season's best and newest promotional product innovations, designs, fashions and solutions ready to build brands and reconnect customers with in-person business and live events. Get better results from your imprinted merchandise and uniforms. Drive consumer engagement. Recognize top talents and contributors.

#promoproductswork  #golfpromo  #golf  #promotionalproducts  #giftbag  #gifting  #positivevibes  #merchandise 

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As an industry professional who has spent multiple decades providing companies of all sizes with custom branded solutions my passion for our industry runs deep. Many years ago that slang was used as I entered a meeting and I knew it was  time to make a change.

marketingedge was born from a desire to position ad specialties in a new light, taking inspiration from high fashion and  other industry publications to showcase how promotional products and branded apparel can have purposeful messaging and meaningful impact through creative design.

Since 2008, the marketingedge team have worked to evolve the "swag" conversation, striving to present relatable topics and case stories that inspire suppliers, distributors, agents and buyers to re-think the way they select, decorate and share their branded promotional products, uniforms, awards and more.

Our mission statement is "to elevate promotional products in the marketing mix".

We value innovation, creativity and brand engagement. Thank you for sharing your time with us.

We hope the information and inspiration we share is of value to you.

 - Steve Whigham, founder/publisher

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