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Updated: Jul 27

When you're working with an organization whose target audience is children under 12 years old. consider providing accessories for school or sport. Products that will help a child enjoy an activity and enhance their skills development are a great start.

#1 Zipper Pulls

Attach them to any zipper - coats, backpacks, lunch bags - and help a child grasp independence by enabling him/her with an easier opportunity to do it themself. PS - These are great to help adults with arthritis too! And workers who where gloves.

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Where to find them? Zoogee World Faro Products

#2 Pencils

Writing notes, drawing pictures, spinning pin wheels, poking bugs. Pencils are an incredibly valuable tool to a child. Decorate yours to stand out with bright colours and graphics suitable for a child's interests.

#Pencils #BacktoSchool #Writing #Art

Where to find them? Koozie Group Dixon Ticonderoga

#3 Lunch Boxes

Reusable, easy to open, spill proof. It may be hard to compete with retail prints of favourite characters on soft side lunch bags which is why we chose to look at functional lunch boxes to hold sandwiches, salads and crackers and cheese.

#LunchBox #Tupperware #Resealable #Reusable

Where to find them? HPG Debco PCNA

#4 Activity Books

Colouring books, puzzles and stickers are a fun way for children to engage with information and practice developmental skills like pencil control, hand-eye coordination, and reading. Choose a fitting theme or create your own custom.

#ColoringBook #ColouringBook #Puzzles #Stickers

Where to find them? Art Metal Koozie Group

coloring book about saving money from koozie group
Activity books help children interact with and understand complex concepts like money and safety.

#5 Water Bottle

Build good health habits by instilling an appreciation for drinking water regularly, every day. Off the beaten path of water bottles is a little innovation called Aqua Bottle that is worth checking out. Full colour custom graphics, holds 16oz, and squeezes flat.

#WaterBottle #Aqua #Hydration #Health #Wellness

Where to find them? Martini Vispak


This Top 5 collection submitted by Joshua Paxton, staff contributor to marketingedge magazine.

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