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Updated: Jul 27

Gifting food accessories should be about enhancing dining, entertainment and conversation How can you help someone enjoy their food more, or be more revered as a great host of an ultimate home dining experience? We have some thoughts.

#1 Deep Wine Glasses

Bigger the better. It's a talking point and carries a higher perceived value compared to dainty alternatives. How you fill them and what you fill them with is your business,. but when company's coming for dinner make sure they're on the table. A small, subtle, delicate engraving or print can recognize the origin of the gift, OR consider our next suggestion...

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Where to find them? Ad n Art St. Regis Group

#2 Stem Charms

Be charming with your next wine glass gift. Creating or decorating a series of elegant wine charms allows you to brand an element of the table setting. Creative icons of your industry, organization or event theme can become conversation starters, or become part of a game or team assignment. This idea is more an an end to a means and it's up to you to be creative and give them meaning.

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Where to find them? CNIJ

#3 Flight Decks

Shout out to our friends at Logoworks, who have the most incredible collection of live edge and finished, made in Canada charcuterie boards and flight paddles we've seen - anywhere! You can order and brand one of their catalogue designs or go off book and work with their designers to make something custom for your own unique experience.

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Where to find them? Logoworks Inc

#4 Fondue Pots

Fondue (or fundue!) is a fun experience to share with friends. What's your favourite? Cheese? Chocolate? Oil? Small servings and creative combinations Gift a large set or a series of personal sized pots or cups. Kick it up a notch with themed recipes. Fondue night can also be made into a fun virtual event to connect friends over long distance.

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Where to find them? St Regis Group

#5 Grill Top Pizza Oven

In 2021 we were introduced to the wonders of Bakerstone, and even gave a couple units away as prizes for Top Products nominations. This grill accessory turns your home barbecue into a legit pizza oven. Bake gourment pizza or breads, cook up any of your favourite proteins or vegetables, in minutes! Beyond use as an award, the Bakerstone grill top pizza oven could be the centre of your event, where everyone gets to choose from a big spread of toppings to make their own pizza. Don't forget the gluten-free crust.

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Where to find them? Somcan


This Top 5 collection submitted by Joshua Paxton, staff contributor to marketingedge magazine.

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