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Updated: Jul 27

International travel is on the rise and we know you want to celebrate home by letting the world know You Are Canadian.

#1 Ballcaps

Keep your maple leaf pride top of mind with an Oh Canada hat that features the most recognized botanical symbol in the world. Add your company brand or organization to the decoration to co-brand with Canada and gain international exposure during travels.

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Where to find them? AJM International

#2 Lapel Pins

Dress up any fashion choice with this subtle accessories that puts your country's flag close to your heart. An Oh Canada flag or maple leaf lapel pin is a great way for anyone to identify as coming from the land of poutine, hockey and maple syrup.

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Where to find them? Jay-Line Faro Products

#3 Scrunchie

If you're not feeling a hat then maybe a scrunchie or bandana is a better fit for you. Lightweight, vibrant and very practical, you can custom design your fashion print to fit your destination, travel theme or pro-Canada attitude.

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Where to find them? MartiniVispak

#4 Luggage Tags

A little something for the bag on your back, add an Oh Canada luggage tag to your carry-on and day bag. Standing in line you might find this visibility helps connect you with other Canadian travellers.

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Where to find them? HPG Debco PrimeLine SpectorandCo

man in red canada maple leaf t-shirt takes photos while touring city
Bold about Canada? Nothing says Oh Canada like a bright red t-shirt with a big maple leaf on the chest.

#5 Temporary Tattoos

Some people will opt for the forever tattoo to commemorate their travel experience but for the rest of us there are waterless rub-on temporary tattoos. Create them as singles or as a sticker sheet of multiple designs. Celebrate home, your destination, an event or a sports team. Place yours on your face, arms, legs or back of your neck.

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Where to find them? Premiums Plus Jay-Line


This Top 5 collection submitted by Joshua Paxton, staff contributor to marketingedge magazine.

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