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It's Part One of the 2024 Top Products Awards, featuring 20 of the top branded apparel styles and accessories, including Overall Top Product Winner the tech-enhanced Threadfast Tap T-shirt from Alphabroder. Also inside, business fashion tips from Montreal-based stylist Jeff Golf (Ludique), how to use Top Lists as client conversation ice breakers, and more new releases from the industry's top suppliers.

in this edition of marketingedge magazine...

Contributors:  Jeff Golf, Joshua Paxton, Shawna Sherk 

Cover photo:  Alphabroder, Threadfast NFC Tap T-shirt, style 180NFC 2024 overall top product winner

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I hate the term
"trinkets and trash".

As an industry professional who has spent multiple decades providing companies of all sizes with custom branded solutions my passion for our industry runs deep. Many years ago that slang was used as I entered a meeting and I knew it was  time to make a change.

marketingedge was born from a desire to position ad specialties in a new light, taking inspiration from high fashion and  other industry publications to showcase how promotional products and branded apparel can have purposeful messaging and meaningful impact through creative design.

Since 2008, the marketingedge team have worked to evolve the "swag" conversation, striving to present relatable topics and case stories that inspire suppliers, distributors, agents and buyers to re-think the way they select, decorate and share their branded promotional products, uniforms, awards and more.

Our mission statement is "to elevate promotional products in the marketing mix".

We value innovation, creativity and brand engagement. Thank you for sharing your time with us.

We hope the information and inspiration we share is of value to you.

 - Steve Whigham, founder/publisher

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