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Top Products Contest 2024



The marketingedge magazine Top Products Contest is an annual review of promotional products, apparel, premiums and incentives, scored by a panel of professional buyers, presented in the first issue(s) of the new year.

Call for Entries

  • There is no cost to submit an entry.

  • Entries are accepted from any interested party including suppliers/manufacturers, distributors, agents and end users (customers).

  • Entries must be submitted using the provided online form, providing the requested background information and indicating the intended category of submission.

  • The 2023 call for entries will close after Friday, November 10 2023. - Extended to November 20!

Entry Categories

There will be 3 categories for entry submission in 2023:  Hard Goods, Apparel and Packaging.


Hard Goods: any merchandise item that can be decorated with a brand and used as a promotional product. Past examples include drinkware, bags, umbrellas, tools, technology, journals, writing instruments and calendars.

Apparel: any clothing or accessory item that can be decorated with identifiable branding. Past examples have included jackets, hoodies, polos, t-shirts, headwear, scarves/bandanas, socks and shoes.

Packaging: NEW in 2023, this category has been added to the top products contest to provide representation for any packaging solution that enhances a promotional gift experience with added brand engagement. Packaging entries will be reviewed independent from any product inside.

At the discretion of the marketingedge editor an item submitted to one category can be moved into an alternative category. 

Past Issues, Top Products Editions
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2021  top products
2020 top products

To The Winners Of the Top Products Contest

The judge's selection for Top Product of 2023 will be featured on the cover of the first marketingedge magazine issue of the new year. The Top Product will also be featured inside the magazine with a full page photo and feature writeup focused on the judges review. There will be an Apparel and a Hard Goods edition, guaranteeing two special edition covers reserved for Top Products results.

To The Honorable Mentions in the Top Products Contest

Additional products held in high esteem following the judge's review will also be included in the Top Products editions, featured with photos and writeups at the discretion of the editor.

What is the impact of being included in the Top Products Countdown?

The 2022 and 2023 Top Products editions of marketingedge magazine each generated over 50,000 clicks of reader engagement, influencing the decisions of thousands of professional buyers. 

Submitting samples for the judge's review

Suppliers of top products nominees are encouraged to submit samples for the judge's review. Failing to provide a tangible example of the product will negatively impact scoring opportunities. Upon qualifying for the contest, a supplier will be contacted by marketingedge to request a sample for review. Samples are to be provided at no cost, shipped on the supplier's account. Samples will not be returned to the supplier except where specially requested. In this case, the supplier will provide marketingedge with a shipping label and instructions to ensure a safe return.

Samples can be provided at any time during the call for entries.  When sending samples, please ensure the name of the product and sku are included, to help identify the prodcut with it's nomination. 


Please ship samples to:  marketingedge magazine, 25 McIntyre Place, Unit 5  Kitchener, ON N2R 1H1

If you have any questions about the top products contest please email: 

What Criteria are used to score Top Products?

The following categories and questions provide an outline for the score cards used by our judges panel of professional buyers when reviewing Top Product entries.


The judges' scores are combined to determine a ranking by total points, followed by a roundtable conversation to discuss highlights, compare features and values. The outcome of these efforts helps to determine an overall Top Product winner.

Product Innovation
Does this item possess unique feature(s) like nothing done before?
Does this product solve a problem? Is it creative?

How often can you employ this product? Does this item perform
a task or function well? Is its function apparent to you?

Quality and Presentation
What is your first impression of this item? Does the presentation of this
product ‘Wow’ you? Is there a distinguishing attribute?

What is the gap between the product cost and your perceived value?
Would you consider this a treasured gift or award?

Decorating Opportunity
Is this item capable of being decorated? Are you impressed by the
decoration opportunities this product offers? How well would this product
showcase a brand or campaign message?

Brand Impressions
What is your expected lifespan of this product? How often would this
product be seen or used? How many impressions would be achieved?

The X Factor
If given this item, would you be impressed? If offered the opportunity to
chose this item, would you? Would you personally buy this item?

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