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Holiday 2016 Edition

Go!  Augmented Reality.  Is it the future of marketing?

17 Tips to Improve Your Results in 2017

PLUS...EDGE Merchandise Gallery -  Holiday edition!

Video  1:14 mins
Next Evolution Decoration: HXD

Introducing HXD, a unique decoration method that offers all new possibilities for your branded apparel. The exclusive provider of this cutting-edge method in the United States and Canada, Trimark Sportswear, invites you to learn more about this print and embroidery alternative in a short introductory video.  More at

If you live in Ontario’s Kitchener-Waterloo region, you’ve most likely run into a Little Short Stop store for last minute items, and you’ll certainly recognize the store’s mascot called Seemore Savings. In business since 1968, there are 29 stores throughout the region.  Jamie Arnold's family owned business is a successful convenience store chain but what does Jamie Arnold do in his own time?

It's award season!

Find out which products were voted the top 17 products of 2017

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Marketingedge Magazine constantly strives to demonstrate that just because the apparel that is available to us in this industry is labeled 'Corporate / Promotional wear', doesn't mean it can't be every bit as fashionable and stunning as those styles available in retail stores.

Check out our EDGE Fashion Gallery for some examples of high fashion looks for everyday wear. 

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Learn the impact and lifespan of promotional merchandise and why it's still the best form of advertising