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February 2024 | marketingedge Top Products 2 of 2 (hard goods), promotional products magazine

marketingedge magazine releases the Top Promotional Products of 2024 part two

Counting down 20 top promotional products including new, best, and favourite imprinted hard goods ideas for brand building, gifts, rewards, incentives, and corporate culture. Also inside, designer tips for how to style branded gifts to be a part of a modern home (and work) setting. PLUS new releases from top suppliers and brand names.

  • Top Promotional Products part two, Top Hard Goods promotional products. A countdown of creative designs, applications and functions of engaging imprinted merchandise, selected by a panel of professional buyers considering the diverse branding needs of clients, including customer and employee recognition, brand building and awareness campaigns, and lead generation.

  • Gift Styling Tips for Home and Office in a conversation with design specialist Shawna Sherk. How understanding the needs of your audience can guide design of promotional premiums to become an appreciated part of a person's home (and/or) work life. Achieve optimal brand impressions with your investment.

  • Break the ice with a Top List conversation. This "HAVE YOU EVER" feature looks at the opportunity to leverage your feelings - good or bad - about a top list article to open conversation with current, past and prospective customers.

The February 2024 Top Products Hard Goods edition of marketingedge magazine, read free online.

- as featured in marketingedge magazine, February 2024



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