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Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Folks, it’s time to raise awareness about promo hoarding.

For generations this marketing disorder has gone undiscussed, locked away in cabinets and store rooms like so many promotional products...

Have you ever worked with someone who gets so excited and so proud of their branded merchandise, that they lose sight of its purpose?

Have you ever been scolded, challenged or made to feel guilty about giving promotional products to the wrong people?

Gifting branded goods changes people.

Even seasoned marketers and salespeople who specialize in brand building and lead generation can become overwhelmed with the perceived value of their branded merchandise. They begin to evaluate each contact in their life asking, are you worthy to receive this promotional gift?

From Post-Its to polos, the invoice payers want immediate justification of the expected return on investment for each handout. Failure to plead your case results in a one-way trip to promo-jail, isolated from access to the stores of branded goods. But here’s where you can flip the script...

What is the expected ROI of any promo item left sitting on a shelf?

Like your grandmother’s china that was reserved for only royal appearances and the highest of holidays, is any product really fulfilling its value when gathering dust?

To all the promo hoarders, it’s going to be okay. You can change. We’re here to help you.

Stop chastising your team for sharing your company’s promotional products with their family and friends. There is no one in this world more invested in your team’s success than these people. They are the number one most likely audience to share your brand and a positive referral because it benefits someone they care about. Support this effort.

Have faith in your team when they provide a high-priced premium to recognize the accomplishments of a “small” client.

No one starts big. Your team is working on developing a symbiotic relationship. Their business growth will help your business growth. Trust in the process.

If you have any promotional products on hand that are older than 8 months,

it’s time to move them into the world and plan your next promotion. Open the doors and let the people closest to you help you deliver these items to fulfill their purpose.

Let the healing begin.



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