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Hydro Flask® now available in PCNA lineup of retail brands

Updated: Aug 25, 2022


Pittsburgh, PA – August 2, 2022 – Polyconcept North America (PCNA) is excited to announce a partnership with Hydro Flask®, one of the premier retail brands for insulated drinkware. With the addition of Hydro Flask®, PCNA strengthens its industry-leading lineup of over 50 retail brands, just as distributors are gearing up for year-end gift season.

“This is a brand our distributors have been looking for, and we couldn’t be happier to have it for them,”

says Liz Haesler, PCNA Chief Merchandising Officer. “We’re committed to offering distributors the best, most diverse assortment of leading retail brands, so Hydro Flask® is a perfect fit.”

With “Let’s Go!™” as a signature call to action, Hydro Flask® was established in Bend, Oregon, a breathtaking Pacific Northwest town where the spirit of outdoor adventure became ingrained in the brand’s DNA. Building on a reputation for exceptional performance and durabililty, Hydro Flask® has evolved into something even more: a brand that creates a genuine personal connection as a symbol of happiness, a healthy lifestyle, a love for the outdoors and concern for the environment.

“Partnering with PCNA is a no-brainer,” says Michelle Bertocchi, Hydro Flask® Sales Manager, Customization.

“As the world’s water bottle leader, we wanted to partner with the world’s top promotional products supplier. PCNA has made an extraordinary inventory commitment, is the only supplier we trust to decorate our products and offers an unmatched ability to deliver orders quickly for distributors and their customers.”

Hydro Flask water bottle hanging by loop from mans fingers

PCNA is bringing five of the most popular Hydro Flask® styles to the promotional products market: three bottles, a coffee mug, and a tumbler. Inventory will arrive in mid-September, but distributors can see the new products and find information about pre-ordering on

Haesler adds that Hydro Flask® gives distributors an opportunity to capitalize on several key gift trends in the promotional products space: retail brands, premium quality, insulated drinkware, and products for the outdoors.

“The trend in corporate gift-giving has clearly shifted toward well-made, premium-quality products, even at slightly higher price points,” Haesler says. “Choosing these types of gifts – gifts people would buy for themselves – creates a real connection that’s well worth it.”

Hydro Flask® also will be part of ProudPath™, the PCNA platform that helps distributors meet their customers’ environmental and social responsibility objectives. Along with reducing single-use plastic through its #RefillForGood rallying cry, the Hydro Flask® Parks For All program supports nonprofit organizations focused on providing more equitable access to parks.

“We’ve made a commitment to only partner with retail brands that share our commitment to environmental and social responsibility,” Haesler says. “This is just one more way that Hydro Flask® is a perfect fit, and we couldn’t be more proud to partner with them.”

About PCNA

PCNA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Polyconcept, the world’s leading promotional products supplier. With headquarters near Pittsburgh, Pa., PCNA operates the Leed’s, Bullet, Trimark, JournalBooks and ETS Express brands, offering customers the industry’s biggest and most diverse collection of products. To learn more, go to


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