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Do you want promo with that? | a case story

The idea for this project stemmed from a simple comparison between a famous golden fry and the Sydney yellow ballpoint pens from supplier Spector and Co. Testing their new custom packaging capabilities, Spector's R&D team created their own fast food self-promo.

printed promotional products made to look like fast food french fries (pens), hamburger (ear buds case), and cola (difuser)
The Fast-Food-Trio by Spector and Co. is an illustration of creative pacakging and decoration that makes branded promotional products next level.


Famous golden fries

The Sydney yellow ballpoint plastic pens from Spector's “Value Plus” collection look anything but economical, and doubled perfectly for crispy golden fries. The sleeve was custom printed, die-cut and designed to hold approximately 18 pens.

Mini Hamburger

Spector's creative recipe starts with 100% grade ‘A’ Dino Earbuds, sandwiched between two digitally printed sesame seed buns. Finished in a custom printed classic burger box.

Ice Cold Cola Cup

To complete this order, Spector silk-screened the side of the Bali portable oil diffuser cup and made it appear full of ice-cold cola with the help of an indented, digitally printed dome.

Learn more about the featured promotional products and decoration methods; CLICK HERE to open Spector & Co. - Creative Concepts


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