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June 2022 Edition

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Be better positioned to serve the sustainability needs of your client, customer and/or organization. This month's issue of marketingedge focuses on connecting brand values with promotional products and creating a positive impact, on brand engagement and on environmental stewardship.

The June 2022 edition of marketingedge magazine is available now online.

What's driving the demand for sustainable promotion solutions?

page 9 OPEN

Josh and Alex talk through the stats motivating companies to embrace sustainability as a key performance indicator. Survey says we're great at talking about making better choices and the importance of protecting the environment; But are we acting on it?

How to save the earth with promotional products

page 10 OPEN

Everyday choices add up to impactful results. We walk through an average day of a consumer to present unique promotional products opportunities for companies and organizations looking to build brand awareness with a positive environmental impact.

How eco-minded are you?

page 26 OPEN

marketingedge takes a look at the sustainability campaigns of seven promotional products and apparel suppliers, their innovations to help you save more than money, and their messaging and positive eco-stories that you can co-op with your branded merchandise purchases .

Alex Gets Green with promonoise

page 35 OPEN

Host Alex Morin digs in to share a growth opportunity from Canadian seed paper company Botanical PaperWorks that will help you plant creative ideas with your customers; AND gets comfy with Montreal-based Attraction Inc. as he illustrates why Ethica brand organic cotton apparel is a best-fit for your uniform or spirit wear program.

Featured advertisers

In recognition and appreciation for the support of our partners, in order of appearance:

Stormtech Performance Apparel, The Kanata Group, Martini-Vispak, DML Creation, CapAmerica, Logoworks Inc., 3M Company, Koozie Group, Canada Sportswear, PCNA, BCG, Debco, HPG, PPPC Promotional Products Professionals of Canada, truLOCAL, and


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