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June 2023 | marketingedge Early Summer Edition

marketingedge magazine highlights four hot topics: Brand Engagement, Corporate Uniforms, Awards and competition, and Artificial Intelligence.

  • How to create SENSE-ATIONAL brand enagement with promotional products, and why multi-sensory brand experiences (that go beyond what you can see and hear).may have a more lasting impact.

  • 30 THOUGHTS on modern uniforms from industry insider Ralph Goldfinger, Canada Sportswear. What's changed? What's trending? Where's it all going?

  • WHO'S WINNING? How are awards successful in a social climate that questions the value of compeittion? Melanie Langille (St Regis Group) shares how the awards industry is as healthy as ever - maybe more so - thanks to a shift in how awards are used to recognize achievements.

  • SAY NO TO NAKED ROBOTS You may want to add a tin foil cap to your awards program before reading this "HAVE YOU EVER" feature, addressing the impact of automated services and artificial intelligence on the promotional products industry.

The June 2023 edition of marketingedge magazine is available now, read free online.



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