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November 2022 | marketingedge Gifting Edition

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Are you searching for the best branded gift to give your brand a boost? This month's issue of marketingedge takes a couple different looks at gifting branded merchandise and apparel, to employees, supporters, customers and prospects.

The November 2022 edition of marketingedge magazine is available now online.


You Don't Need a Mystic To Find The Right Gift | A Study in Multicultural Gifting

page 9 OPEN

What motivates your brand messaging? Take a look at the study of brand archetypes, and the 12 categories of values and tones that make up different brand cultures. Understanding a brand's culture will help you to realize the shared values of the people attracted to that brand, and be able to better target your gift selection. We offer our 12 TOP TIPS for gifting different brand cultures.


Exploring New Worlds | Merchandise Opportunities With Online Communities

page 16 OPEN

Who has the bigger online following, the coffee restaurant we all recognize or the online gamer you've probably never heard of? Discover the new business opportunity that marketers and promotional products agencies will be competing for to expand their presence and influence.


Build a Uniform That Transitions With Your Day | EDGE Gallery Fashion Feature

page 26 OPEN

Emmeleane returns her style talents to marketingedge both behind and in front of the camera, illustrating branded apparel fashions that meet the expectations of today's youth workforce, and transition through the day as well across different environments, so that your brand ambassadors maximize your opportunity for brand impressions.


SAVE THE DATE | PPPC Announces Return of TOPS+ Tour, January 2023

page 31 OPEN

Canada's longest running national touring promotional product showcase will return after a two-year hiatus, starting in Montreal with stops across Canada all the way to Vancouver.


TOP TAKEAWAYS | What did we learn at PPPC's NATCON event in September?

page 34 OPEN

What are the latest trends in promotional products and branded apparel? What one word sums up the theme from NATCON? Find out.


CROWD PLEASERS | What's Old is New Again, If You Haven't Seen It Before

page 33 OPEN

What "new" exciting products were drawing a crowd at NATCON? We highlight ten promotional products that had first-time show visitors floored with inspiration and energy, marveling at the new innovations - that industry veterans remember seeing years before.


COLD WEATHER? Got You Covered | PROMONOISE PRV (product review video)

page 37 OPEN

Award-winning host Alex Morin tries on the Bentley jacket created by Canadian apparel supplier KLo Canada. Waterproof rating of 20,000 - What does that mean? How high performing is this jacket design? What other features will amaze you? Did you say plant-based lining? Find out.


Featured advertisers

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Stormtech Performance Apparel, KLo Canada, PCNA, The Kanata Group, DML Creation, CapAmerica, Fashion Biz Collection, Martini-Vispak, Canada Sportswear, Debco, HPG, BCG, Spector and Co.


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