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August 2022 Edition

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Recruitment. Recognition. Retention. Human resources professionals are facing mounting challenges with talent roster management in addition to inheriting additional responsibilities for managing company social responsibility and sustainability missions.

Marketing professionals have an opportunity to relieve the pressure on HR teams by providing direction on how to target messaging and develop brand culture solutions.

The August 2022 edition of marketingedge magazine is available now online.

How is truLOCAL delivering local products and local support across Canada?

page 7 OPEN

Mark Wingrove and Greg Quaile are expanding truLOCAL services into the corporate gifts and incentives market, connecting consumers across Canada with farm fresh proteins grown in their own local regions. This new custom Gift Box opportunity allows brands to create a consistent delivery of a national incentive program while supporting farmers and businesses local to the region of the consumer.


Recruitment. Recognition. Retention. An opportunity for marketing professionals

page 13 OPEN

Looking at results from the 2022 HR Trends report published by McLean & Company, and discussing tips for navigating human resources challenges with Laura Maddison, senior HR business consultant with Humani HR. Is a marketing mind the solution to helping an organization refresh their employee value proposition?


Corporate Retreats in Nature: Retreat, Regroup, Recharge

page 32 OPEN

Writer Alex Morin discusses an emerging corporate trend, to connect a brand experience with the tranquility and transformative powers of nature. Discover what it takes to make a memorable retreat event that reinforces desired behaviour and emotions, recharges brand passion and connects team members with the shared experience.


How to connect your brand and products with travel experiences

page 22 OPEN

Canadians are on the move and excitement is peaked to expand experiences beyond our local borders. This EDGE Gallery product showcase provides a photo journal of opportunities for branded merchandise to enhance the travel experience and create brand engagement along the way.


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